Thursday, March 02, 2006

Ray Lane at TiE Bangalore

I have been tracking Ray Lane's perspective on the enterprise software space for sometime and found Ray's presentation titled – "KPCB In The Software Industry" equally interesting. Ray lane builds on the growth opportunities in the enterprise software space –web enabled enterprise opportunities and enterprise software adoption.

Ray Lane is a General Partner at KPCB. He is also an ex-president of Oracle. This one is an enlightening presentation on the state of the Software/ Services market. Salient points:

  1. Although industry growth is slowed, it is continually evolving (because of it???)

  2. Top 15 companies in the space account for 85% of the revenue, and the big are only getting bigger

  3. Focus will be more on innovative business models, moving from Product to Service model. This will have an impact on all the attributes of today’s business—from Architecture, Product & Release Mgt, to Pricing & Licensing and Customer Service.

  4. India and China become big influences

Great presentation. From the TiE Bangalore Event.


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