Friday, April 07, 2006

Fusion Thoughts

Double dubs has an interesting post up on Oracle Fusion:

“When Oracle purchased PeopleSoft and thus the JD Edwards application as well, and then announced project Fusion, it didn’t take much thinking to assume that Fusion would fuse the best functionality for all the application suites and create a single super ERP.

Fusion is not only an attempt at releasing an integrated suite of applications from the Oracle, PS, JDE, and Siebel lines. In fact, that’s the least of what Fusion represents. The real goal of Fusion is to present a process integration layer that spans across all your organization’s applications, regardless if they are Oracle apps or not. Fusion middleware has already been released, and some Oracle applications have already been certified on the Fusion platform.

The core of Fusion is not more functionality in an integrated suite of products. The core of Fusion is actually an integration of processes throughout applications that are integrated only in the fact that they use the Fusion middleware. Obviously it’s much more than just bringing together functionality from PS, Oracle and JDE.”

IMHO: Double Dubs is right, but not complete. Oracle (as well as SAP) are trying to provide the underlying platform to developers which would let them create their own applications. I had written about this earlier here. You can also catch the original post by Niel Robertson here.


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