Monday, June 26, 2006

Oracle PeopleSoft Version 9

Oracle today took yet another step in reassuring its existing PeopleSoft customer base:

"Oracle Corp. today released Version 9 of its PeopleSoft Enterprise application suite, an upgrade the company said will prepare customers to move toward a service-oriented architecture (SOA).Oracle, which completed a $10.3 billion buyout of PeopleSoft in January 2005, has told its customers that it will continue to support the products from its former competitor.The new release is integrated with Oracle's Fusion Middleware, a portfolio of server software that allows applications from different vendors to interoperate. The integration allows better use of other Oracle technologies, including XML Publisher, Business Activity Monitoring and Customer Data Hub, the company said.Oracle said the Version 9 release adds features related to corporate governance and compliance, CRM improvements for customer service agents, and enterprise-level planning. The company also expanded capabilities for areas such as the public sector, health care, financial services, communications and higher education."

Good news for PeopleSoft customers, although they are still being encouraged to retire their old code base to prepare for migration to Fusion. Read the full news here and here.



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