Friday, March 03, 2006

Globalisation & Complexity

This was the theme for PwC’s 9TH Annual Global CEO Survey, which throws up some important findings.

A brief about the results:

  1. Globalisation will have a positive effect on most businesses in the coming years
  2. Over-regulation, trade barriers, political instability and social issues are the most pressing challenges to globalization
  3. BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India and China), not in that order, are the most interesting emerging markets for the CEOs
  4. Cost cutting is only one aspect of globalization. Other incentives include finding new customers and better servicing existing ones
  5. Complexity is rising, being an inevitable by product of doing business today
  6. The advantages of going global, though, outweigh the disadvantages

Satyam’s Chairman B. Ramalinga Raju is interviewed. He talks about Globalisation and what it means for India in general and for Satyam and other Indian IT companies in particular. He says that Indian companies are winning large deals (when asked about global companies willing to take up smaller deal) and hence, the playing field is level. He also talks about the capabilities that Satyam is building to prepare for the future—leadership, entrepreneurialism, adaptability, delivery excellence and tech/domain competencies. A very interesting conversation, do not miss it.

Other CEOs interviewed are Raul Calfat (Votorantim Int.), Dr. Li Lihui (Bank of China), Fred Hassan (Schering-Plough Corp.), and John Stewart (National Australia Bank). Specially liked Dr. Li Lihui’s talk.


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